It's Personal

From Gridiron to Grill, the owner of Big Mike's Ragin' BBQ, Mike Ariey, has always been passionate. Over the past several years, Ariey has become known around the Bakersfield area for his food and service, a change of scenery and line work from a time when everyone knew him as an offensive tackle with the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers. Before football, however, Mike came from a background in selling fresh produce. This eventually got him closer to his true passion -- cooking!! 

Today, Ariey retains three cooks full time and six helpers as needed. He tows a custom barbecue rig to each event, whipping up dinner on the spot for groups of 25 to 2,000.

The menu features familiar barbecue fare --- tri-tip, chicken, pork ribs, beans, potato salad, and other goodies, all supported by his personal choice of cuts of meat, and custom-made marinades, rubs and sauces. He'll also take a stab at special requests! Anything to indulge in his passion for excellence --- first serving quarterbacks to protect them from defensive ends, and now serving his customers throughout Kern County with the best barbecue food around!!

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