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We Help Make Your Wedding Dreams Come True

When your wedding is finally in view, we can coordinate the big day by helping out with tabling arrangements and help organize everything to your liking. We can assure you a variety of colors and flowers to choose from to transform your dream into a reality.

"Most people have an idea of their wedding. I'll just come in and try to add to whatever your doing."


Big Mike

We've Got it Covered

We'll hire all the necessary support staff to take care of all your needs for your memorable day.


Big Mike pays attention to all the details to make sure your wedding will be unforgettable and planned out to your heart's content.

wedding 2.jpg
Weddings and Much More

We can create a fabulous dinner party and make an amazing lifestyle with custom colors and flower arrangements to match your desired theme. 

"We try to be on top of everything as far as making the event fun."


Big Mike

Complete Coordination

Our highly trained staff will fully take care of your event in addition to our catering service from start to finish. At your request, we can set up tables, chairs, glassware and even clean up the entire event afterwards. It's your special day - let us do the work!

Some of Our Stories
Wedding Table Setting

Home Wedding

We recently hosted a private wedding for a beautiful couple that had about 175 guests over to their home for the event.

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Event Hall Wedding

Want a cool downtown location for your dream wedding? We've got you covered.

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Country Club Wedding

There's nothing quite like the luxury and idyllic calm of Bakersfield's collection of country club venues.

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